No, This is Not a Game!

Some people think that i'm pretty odd, or maybe live in imagination. It just because i really love the theory of conspiracy. Yeah, sometimes i have to explain to them, or just smile :) because not every people understand what i learned. They think i learned conspiracy just for fun or i just wanted to look so cool and smart. Well, they have their own perception about me.
Actually, i really love the things that we can't prediction and out of our expectation. Whether in music that i listen, style that i follow, innovation that can't be dammed, life we living, and so on! 
Many people wanna know why i wanna learned about thing that camouflaged. It' just because the world is full of conspiracy. We live in conspiracy. Our live is conspiracy.
Allah commands us to READ ! IQRO! That also the reason why i learned about this f*cking thing.hahaha
Read mean we "read" all in this world where we are living. We have to be smart to learn everything in this world. Read books, read the situations, read minds, and read what "some people" hide from all. Actually it is not hidden from us, but it's too visible and make all people confuse. So, I wanna see the truth and try to make "them" can't control all people in the world and make ALL-SEEING EYE blind :)
Let's fight and against "them" ! this is the REAL WAARRRRRR!!!


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