Sick of. . .

here i am! finally i can steal some little-bit time from my 'task' time for posted this new post. now, i'm at cyka's room for do my graphic design task and do some street photography. honestly, i feel so so so exhausted.. now, all i need just refreshing, and meet the parents, sister,besties, and my boyfriend..even i have to waiting for 1 week. all i'm doing just tasks marathon on this half year, and yeah ofc make me absolutely down.. can't you imagine all the h*ll you doing just task and task and task everyday? God! i can't even hang out or maybe sleep soooo well. alright, maybe people think that i'm too over react, but that's what i feel so far. and aww,rainy outside i just can do my graphic design task now.. and the street photography tomorrow.. okay,maybe that's all my story about my feeling now..

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