It has been almost a week I felt itchy all over my body. First time,I'm okay with this Itchy-Bitchy, but I felt something wrong with this one. No rash, no red-spot, but my skins felt so itchy like a h*ll >.<
It makes me uncomfortable. I have to scratch about almost every minutes in different parts, sometimes my arms, my legs, my neck, even my butt =.= And it so disturbing me when I was in work, or in formal event. Although in unformal event, have you ever imagine you have to scratch your body every single minute like you never go to bath or just like people with skin desease? Ewh, I don't want anyone to think I was affected by skin disease and think I'm dirty =.= 
So, tomorrow I decided to go to the doctor to figure out what the h*ll happen with my body. 
Just wait what the doctor says tomorrow. I hope every single part of my body is fine, and the cause of itching is extreme weather differences.

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