Got Thank, Saw Past, Grab Follow Friday

Yahoooo!!! Hi guys..
Today I got #FollowFriday from @notcalledjinxID because my avatar on twitter ( @goaweygo )
(my avatar)

Thats cool!!! Really cool you know, I like this band, even I'm not a die hard fan =.= maybe, not yet, coldplay and 30 seconds to mars still unbeatable :))

Aw yeay @.@ !! As you know that my boyfriend's turn to 23rd 2 days ago, and I made a stop motion for him, you can see the video at my previous posted. He send me a text to thank me :) I just love the way he thanked me >.< soooooo sooooo sooooo sweeeet :))))
He wrote that he really love the video so much :)
AAAAAAAA!!!! Love him so much >.<

And one thing I wanna tell you guys,
I met my first boyfriend, Andi =.=
Oh good, please @.@
After I dumpet him, sometimes I don't want to see him or meet him. I'm afraid he will asked the reason why I dumped him =.= and actually, he disappeared for 5 years.
Until yesterdaaaaaaaaaay, when I looked for a long dress, I met him at a mall =.=
And I forgotten his name and who is he first, but thank God, my brain load so fast and suddenly I said his name "AN...DI?"
And right, he's Andi @.@ 
so weiiiiiiirrrrrrdddd moment ever!!!!! -____-

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