Social Media Festival 2012

Holaaaaa readers !

As I said yesterday, I will report about Social Media Festival 2012. hohoho...that's a great event for all social media communities. I attended the second day of the event on Saturday Oct 13 2012. First, I really really disappointed because I can't find someone who want to accompanied me to the event. I sent many text to people who ( I think) will accompany me, BUT, no one from them replied my text. *sigh* But, finally my crazy little "lamb" friend Anvi Adriani Sirait , when I really hopeless, with all of the sudden she reply my text and want to accompanied me to the event. Yeayyyy!!! :) She's my savior. (Okay, that's too over react)

We're both really didn't know how to go to the event, even we both have to come to Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) , but we never use the train to reach GBK. So, this is the adventure for both of us hahaha... 

That day, Jakarta's very hot!!! Really hot weather. But, lucky us, we wear white t-shirt, though it useless I think. Maybe better we have to wear nothing, lol kidding :P I have to change my shirt with another white shirt, before i'm dying, because i was sweating tooo much =.=
I don't even care about Jakarta's weather, the important thing is, the event was really cool and owh-some!!!!! Unfortunately, I just can attended one day :(

This is some awesomeness from the event :

U.S Embassy Jakarta and @america Booth

"Anvi from VOA" lol :P

with Mr Obama :D

Smartfren Booth

More booth more cute :)

Prambors Concept Store

stores booth , full of music and cool guys :P

@secondopinionID , this booth belongs to 6 young doctors..awesome!!!

@gambarharian , a PARADISOOOOOO!!!

me, for Earth Hour Indonesia

Bali Backpacker feat. Tembang Pribumi

this is just a little part from what I saw at Saturday.
They're performed really great show, and made me goosebumps,

hohoho Daughter of Mask :P

Yeay!! The Awesome Kak Riyanni Djangkaru :D

I hope I can attend the next Social Media Festival :)

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