Great 3D Movie : Life of Pi

Today i just watched Life of Pi.
Actually, been a long time i wanted to watch it, before i watched The Possession,
but yeah, I think God let us to know the review first :P

Life of Pi is the best movie in this year I think. When movie started, I was so amazed with what I saw, and I was starting to smile :) BEAUTIFUL! And, when Pi appeared, I was starting to laugh :)) and the journey was INCREDIBLE! The sea, the skies, the stars, the moon, the fishes, the jellyfishes, the carnivore forest... OMG!  It makes me want to feel, what it's like to be in the ocean..
The cast was so unexpected! The way they act was so real and great! Suraj Sharma as Pi do his part very very very well :) and the Bengali Tiger, Richard Parker, I thought it's real, not CGI, because it looked so real @.@

I had no regret have been watching Life of Pi.
The movie taught about Friendship, Life, Faith, Survival, and etc..

You have to watch the movie as soon as possible, and better watch in 3D.. WHY? because this is the real 3D movie.. you will see the birds fly over your head :)))

I give this movie 10/10, even the twist not-so-good, but this movie is AHMAZZZING!!!

source: | there's an official movie poster, but I love this one :)

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