I dunno why, i really miss my boyfriend :| Yes, I always miss him every single day, but today is the most I guess.
I wanna meet him :(

I miss when he hold my hand across the road. I felt safe and sound :)
But, I remembered the last time we met. I can't believe I can met him again,though that happened.
I don't know why I felt so damn tired missed him, and prayed to Allah, I really wanna met him, and it seemed Allah listen to me and made it happened

And, hopefully it will happen again soon, because Allah love me so bad, I know that :)

By the way, I proud to have him in my heart, my mind, and life. Even we can't holding each other every single time, but knowing that he loves me as I am, and I love him as himself, I'm sure that we can go through and really hope it can be forever for me. AMIN :)

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