Things I'll Never Say

Here I go again.
Yeah. Still there. Can't move. Can't even get you out of my mind and ofcourse, heart. Persis kayak lagunya The Script.

Please, ingetin dong kalau ini jadi tulisan terakhir tentang hal itu. Ya, walaupun ga janji bakal jadi yang terakhir. Who knows and who cares, right? -____-"

Yah. Still hard to accept this, walaupun gak tau apa yang salah. I dunno what you feel about this. The more I try to get you out of my mind, the more you came in every step i take. Every moment. Everything.
I just don't know how to forget someone who helped me fit on my skin. Someone, I've never afraid to be with. Someone who always listen to every story. Someone who I loved you so deeply without any reason. I felt so safe and sound when you around.
So I don't know how to forget you. Seriously.
Tell me, how?

You know? Aku gak pernah sama sekali merencanakan apapun dengan matang. Even love you, aku gak pernah sama sekali rencanakan. So, ended this story, ya our story, pun gapernah sama sekali aku bayangkan.
Direncanakan dan nggak, juga kadang gak ada bedanya toh :)

No, I'm not regret this. Hatiku cukup besar untuk menerima. Aku juga punya banyak waktu buat nunggu, even all the time. But, missing you, was something that I can't hold on.
Ya aku kangen.
Sesimpel itu sebenarnya.

Oh ya, jadi penasaran.
Still remember me, when you wake up in the morning? Like I do? :D

I know it's over. Really? Haha. Ya, sure, we're over. :)
and you really deserve someone better :)
Cause, you're a nice guy. Really really a nice guy I've ever known :)

Oh iya. Aku masih kayak dulu. Masih suka kangen sama kamu, everytime. Semoga bukan mengharapkanmu, mungkin lebih bisa mengikhlaskanmu :)

Semoga kamu baik-baik saja ya :)

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