Smile :)


Yeah, and that's why I smile
It's been a while
Since every day and everything has
Felt this right
And now you turn it all around
And suddenly you're all I need

The reason why
I, I, I, I smile, oh oh oh


Yaaay! That are some lyric from one of my favorite songs. The song called Smile, from Avril Lavigne. Yap, I really wanna post about smile. The reason why I wrote this post because I guess, smile is so meaningful for every person. Smile, is the first aid for stress feeling. Smile is contagious: you smile to someone, and he/she (maybe) will smile back to you. Mostly they smile back. Seriously. Smile can recover your heart, and make you feel better, even a fake smile. Smile can make you more, more, more patient. It works to me, mostly. Sometimes, when arguing with someone, I'd better smile. It can help reduce emotion, and made me think more clearly. 

Someone inspired me to write about this. Someone who always smile. She's my cousin and older than me. All of the sudden, I remember her when I've found myself sitting on the couch this afternoon. I don't know why I remember her. All I remember is her smile and humbleness. Yup, she always smile, even I know she have been through the hard things. The way she smile, sometimes make me wanna be like her. Smile to everyone, no matter what. It makes her more beautiful, more likable, and more reliable.

Ya, you don't know someone feeling, but, with just a smile, maybe, you can heal someone who broken-heart, or someone lonely, or someone upset. Seriously, it happened to me. A few days ago, some people pissed me off. They didn't know me entirely, but they're too easy to judge me. And I hate that. Very much. It was ringing in my head all day long. I couldn't hide the feeling that I was upset. I was mad to every person who joked with me. I was so emotional. My body was shaking. I know it was affecting me so bad. But, it suddenly disappeared when I met a young girl smiled at me at the mall. OMG, she's so innocent and so cute. I smiled back to her. And I realized that I couldn't be like that. Just because some people judge me so badly, doesn't mean it should affect me. Now. I know, when I feel so upset, I have to try to smile, just to calm my emotion down. And, there's no wrong to smile, maybe, someone who pass with you on the street is a lonely inside and felt someone notice when you smile at him/her.

So, try to start a day with smile, guys :)

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