Saturday Night

9:39 PM

"Just like another night."

"It's okay. Everything's going really great."

"Except one thing."

"Ya, I'm sure you know what this is all about."

"I know you know how I feel inside."

"Just like another day."

"Up and Down."

"I can't even imagine you'll really far away from my life."

"I always say, 'it's fine', but it's not."

"It's totally not fine."

"Ya, I'm lying."

"What else to do?"

"But something that I never lie is I do care everything about you."

"I still have more feeling to you."

"Can't I move out from this feeling?"

"I can. But I won't"

"I just wanna feel you still there. Still exist."

"Deep inside."

"Tonight is Saturday Night."

"But, there's no connected between tonight and my impulsive activity."

"You're so far away from here."

"Also your heart."

"I have no idea what you feel inside."

"If only I can look into your mind. Maybe then I'd find a sign, of all I want to hear you say to me."

Happy Saturday Night :)

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