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Salaam :)
I just woke up this morning and I don't know why I really wanna post something. Too early right? Lol. This is my first activity today. And now I'm listening to Antony Green's "Dear Child" as recommended by my friend. Good song by the way and, yeah, I always like his voice :)

Oh, okay. What I want to post in this early morning? Let's see! Hmm...

I have something as a sample. This is the true event.

I remembered, long time ago (Lol, not so long time, but this is really a past event). Me and my ex went around the town looking for something, and stopped for a while at a grocery store to bought some cigar. Ya, my ex's a smoker. I remembered the lady shop owner talked with my ex. So, I thought my ex sometimes come here to buy some cigar or just gathered with his friends. The lady owner shop stared at me and asked my ex "Who is she?" I just could smile at that time, didn't know what to say. My ex answered loudly "She's my girlfriend." and he's smile. "Really? How cute is she," The lady smiled at me. I thought I was blushing. Lol. It doesn't just because she told me that I's cute, but that's the first time someone, a boy, told other people that I's his girlfriend. Not just "You are my girlfriend, but She's my girlfriend". It was feeling nice inside, honestly. :) Ya, it just like he wants me, he likes me, and notices me as his part. I felt so special at that time.

Okay, that's just a past. :D

Now, I think every girl will agree with me that they need to be special. Be a special. Treated special. What special?
Fine dinner at fancy restaurant?
VIP class at concert?
Marc Jacobs watch as a gift? (honestly I want this :p)

No, I think that's the wrong special. Ya, that's really special treatment too, but I talk about the really, really special treatment. The basics. When you commit to dating someone in relationship, you have to treat your couple as a special person. 

As a girl, more fair if I just talk from a girl's point of view.

Girl need respect. Try to respect a girl's opinions, interests, careers, friends, bodies, and minds. Oh ya, you don't have to agree with all girl's say or do, but show that you respect. Try to honor girl's opinions as valuable contributions.
Girl need time. It's fine girl not on top of your priority, but you must take time for your girl, a while. Just five minutes to call your girl in your break-time, ask about her activities isn't waste your whole time.
Girl need communication. Girl is vocal creature. Ya I know it, very noisy sometimes or all the time. Lol. I know you love your girl to talk, but girl need to hear your voices too. I'm not lying :p Tell your girl you love her, not just talk on your head, but say it! Words of appreciations are good too.
Girl need trust. It's okay you tell your girl about your bad past, your problems. No, it doesn't make you look so weak, but it means you trust your girl. Let your girl to know you better. Girl will be happy when someone is open to her.

Hmm.. I think that's all from me. I totally have more to write than this, but I still wanna make this objective, so , that's all I think :)

Girl, if you want to add some, you can comment or just tell me :)

Wassalaaam :)

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