After Midnight

Really, it's a random post just because I cant't sleep -____-

Yah, you know, sometimes all we need just a break from reality. Eat much chips, have no feelings for anyone or anything, go to the beach every time we want, laugh out loud every single minute, and ya, sleep very well. But that's just 'not a reality'. I know, life is not that kind and not that easy. We can't laugh all day long without crying over night. We can't eat much chips without worrying about fat and weight. We must pay for what we did.

I always learn that the hardest part is letting someone we love go. As I always said in some older post. I already over someone. Someone that I used to love with all my heart. There's always a place for memories with him. Always. It's nice when finally I can get him out of my head. But ya, sometimes I miss him. I just don't know what to say when he told me everything about his feeling just now. And I'm crying. Still. He brought memories back. He still the good one. The nice one. I still know why I loved him with all my heart. But everything's just a past now.

I'm letting you go :)

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