Meet and End

Love is such a confusing as a word, even for a thing. Sometimes love sucks or sometimes it can make you fly so high. It doesn’t give you explanation or why or how. It just happened. You can love someone now, this time, with all you heart, but a month later, or even ten minutes later you realize that the love just fade away. With some reason, of course. Why those 4 or 8 years or more relationship could easily fell apart? No one knows. People easily say ‘bukan jodoh’, the ‘jawaban standar’. But yeah, no one knows, except God, of course.
Love always surprise you all the time. You can’t force anything to it, to your heart, let it happens naturally, like I did. I can’t force the unhealthy relationship. When I feel tired to hold just because it was too long abandon, I just try to let it go. I know it was so hard at the first place, but I have to. There’s no other way. You deserve to be happy, your partner too, but no longer together.
I just can’t stand people who are take no actions. And when I’m waiting for too long to know someone that I expect will fix everything, I gave up. So many people warned me, so many people gave me attention and made me realize that I couldn’t wait for something that I don’t know will happens or not. I let everything go. Ikhlas is the best answer about all of them.

Now, I’m with someone I thought who never meet. It was accidentally meeting. Love appears and ends everytime. Ya, love, always be a most mysterious thing in this world. I just Thank God for everything happens to me :)

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