12:24 PM

Here I go again, come with another end.

I know it’s hard to keep people who love us, but we don’t have the same feeling anymore. The feeling was fade away. And gone. And ya, I know, it’s not that easy to let them go too. Just... I don’t know... I cried.

Is that hurt? No. It’s not that hurt for me. But, you know, knowing that I hurt people I used to love, always make me feel that I’m the ‘bad-guy’. And yah, I hate hurting people. Good people.

So here I am. I Stop everything. I think break-up is the best way for two of us. I need space and I think I need a very long break time just for myself and my life. I’m sorry. It must be an end.

Thanks for loving me and being nice to me. You're sweet.

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