Can We Stop?

11:28 AM

I dunno whats goin on with me this morning but I found myself woke up with this trouble breathing(caused allergic) and anxious. I opened the windows and and suck the fresh air. Cold and Misty.

Trying to relax, I listened to my ‘before-go-to-sleep’ playlist, but the songs made it worst. I dunno whats goin on but I thought I know something is about to happen. And, that’s true.

It’s like I’m going backwards, like Tame Impala said. It’s like I will lost something. Do I feel so lonely lately? Very. I feel like people is just hear me, but not listening. When I heard some news about something this morning, it shut me down. It took me a while. Thinking. How could everything about it still make me hurt? Make me cry?!

And, am I ready for this? Am I ready to lose it? Really, really lose it? Can I just waiting for the right time and make it sure, for the last time? Can he? Can you?

Can we stop this?

How could I stop if I still have this feeling.

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