Dou You Care About Me?

4:15 PM

When midnight come. It haunted me.
This feeling. The feeling when I really need you. The feeling when Im missing you.
When everything comes to a big question.
Whats going on with us?

Why you leave me hanging, again?
I hate this.
It's like we're moving into different direction. It's like I care everything about you but you don't.
It's like I try to understand every ounce of you but you don't.
Do you remember me? Do you know that there's a girl in a different place, thinking about you every day, every minute, and every second of her life since you told her your feeling to her and want to fix everything you've done. She worried about you. 
About are you okay?
Do you eat well?
Do you sleep well?
Do you feel the same, thinking about her?

Do you know that she wait for you?
She'll wait for you to tell her that you need her to wait for you, that you have something to fix for a while, and you'll come back to her.

She is waiting!
All you need to know that she is waiting for you.

Do you know that? 

or do you care about it? 

do you care about me?

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