How I love 30 Seconds To Mars?

I listen to so many musicians, bands, singers, and yes so many amazing songs. But, I’ve never been in love with a band, musicians like I love 30 Seconds To Mars. No, I’m not a die hard fan, but I listen to every song they have, every music video, digging into they’re social media accounts and sites. I watch their films, and I hope I can watch their performance live (I missed their show in 2012 cs my mom doesn’t give me a permission to went to Jakarta, though I already got the ticket, and that was so hurt.)

Why them? Why 30 Seconds To Mars? I don’t know. The first time I listen to them it was From Yesterday back in 2007 or 2008 I guess. My friend let me dig to his mp3 list and I just, damn, who are they? After that experience, I start to listen to their A Beautiful Lie album and cannot express how much I love their songs. A beautiful Lie is amazing. This is even become my kind of music at my adolescence era. ‘Attack’ was my favorite song in this album. I love the riff of the song, the vocal of the one and only Jared Leto, and the rest of it. I just fond them no matter what people labeling them and the critics says. And I still listen to their song. I will always listen to them. And I’m listening to them while make this post.

This is War album released in 2009 and I listen to their first single Kings And Queens, watched the music video and I got goosebumps . How could a music video can even make me so emotional, make my heart beating so rapidly, and it’s like butterflies about to burst from my tummy. Yes, that’s a true emotion I felt when I watched the Kings and Queens music video. It’s not just about the video, but the song itself. This Is War is great album. I think this is one of the best works I’ve ever heard from an alternative band. The emotion of the album delivered so well to the listener, maybe it because when they recorded this album, they fought against EMI as I watched in Jared’s documentary film, Artifact.

Most of their song always boost my mood up, and boost my energy up. There’s something so magical for me and I’ve never felt like this before with other songs from other bands. Probably it is just me, or it is Jared-Shannon-Tomo’s charismas are so strong in every level. But that’s how I feel when I listen to their works. Such and amazing experience. In ‘Love, Lust, Faith + Dream’ , they evolved to a brand new music, free and not quite sure what genre are 30 Seconds To Mars in. But, hell, who cares about genre? They don’t belong in a narrow place called ‘genre’ , they’re free to feel their art and they can deliver it to their listener very well. I was the one that’s touched by their new music. I love how they mixed electric sync with heavy guitars and it is completely different and indefinable, the lyrics are such a narrative stories told and Jared voice is haunting, beautiful and full of emotion. ‘Up In The Air’ music video was an epic surreal. Jared as a director really knew how to impressed people with his art talent. This video really artsy. This concept was so full of images that represent deep emotion. Follow by City Of Angels and Do or Die. I even gossiped about Do or Die music video with my friend because the video really, really made me mix emotion. Similar with Closer To The Edge I guess, but it is always nice to see music video about the band tour, watch people sing along with the band, see the excitement, the mosh pit. Amazing.

I know Jared is the mastermind of 30 Seconds To Mars. He write and compose almost all of the songs. He’s the Leader and the interesting one. His musician slash actor works are so amazing. He’s my celebrity crush forever. Some people know him by his role in movies and figured that he’s in a band. But ya, he’s an actor first before he’s in 30 Seconds To Mars. No, I will not talking about just Jared in my opinion. Jared in a movie and Jared in music is a different thing. He has never mix these two things together. I really respect him in both movie and music. But now, I talk about the band. The band where Tomo and Shannon are include. Tomo was a new member, joined by 2003 from an audition and he has something when he’s playing guitar. He’s the mysterious and quite one but funny. Shannon, as Jared Leto’s big brother, he’s like really support his brother with such a mesmerizing drum play. The way he play drum really blew me away. He’s so passionate and I guess that’s what brothers do, play together. Spent hours just to see him play drums in some videos cannot help myself to just tap my pen on a table or nodding my head like I’m the one who play the drum. Yay, that’s why people called him Shannimal. He play with his animal spirit, so wild. They always mix unique kits to their music, like taiko drums from Japan, and they even invited echelon from around the world to took a part in the album and that’s a great relationship I guess, between the band and the fans. That’s it. I just fond them that much.

Can't wait for their new album they're working on. Yay!!!

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