[MUST LISTEN] Momford And Sons ft. Baaba Maal: There Will Be Time (2016): A Mesmerizing Praise To The World

I listen to this song for almost entire month. I got instantly hooked. Yeah, I love this song because of the music was so amazing, and Baaba Maal made it even better. It's like Momford & Sons's EP Johannesburg will bring back the old band with amazing lyrics and music. From the more electric Wilder Mind, 'though I like it, back to the more dazzling Johannesburg, and the first single, There Will Be Time seems prove it.

My view of the song suddenly change the time I watched the live version (above) performed in South Africa. The video won me over. That's so impossible not to admire this song even more and impossible not to love the performance. I wish I was there. Really. 

Ya, I love the song, but it's not what makes the video feel so special. The things that makes this video so special is the way they bring it. The way they enjoy their performance. You can see it clearly that they're really love being on stage, and sings, and enjoy it even more. The atmoshphere was so incredible. They share their music with such a great energy. 

It's so hard to express the feeling when I watch this video, because this is so great! I wish that every musician can play their music like what Momford & Sons, Baaba Maal, and The Very Best did in this video. ENJOY it. Enjoy the way they play their music, put so much energy and put so much heart in it. So we can feel it, we can feel what they feel.

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