Dos And Don'ts For Guys On Tinder's Profile


swipe, swipe, swipe

I dunno why I made this posting but I do really wanna talk about this and share it to whoever to love spend some times swiping on tinder. I can't sleep anyway so, ya let's spit it out!

Yes tinder. am I a tinder person? yes and no. yes I am on tinder. you probably will find me accidentaly, guys. lol. And no, because I'm not spending my whole time there. I use tinder on and off. Why am I on tinder? Just because WHY NOT? Right? Do i embarrassed of being there? Nope. Just no I am not. I'm the type of person who really love to meet new people. Knowing their perspective about this and that, things and thangs. and, btw I am as free as a bird so I can talk to whoever I want to, include to every guy on tinder. lol

Some people thought that being on dating apps make you look so desperately need a boyfriend or girlfriend, which is REALLY WRONG. I dunno people but for me, not so much agree about that. I’ve never use a ‘I’m searching for a boyfriend’ motive on tinder. I really just love to talk to people, strangers. Because you know, with strangers you got nothing to lose. lol and yah, regardlessly, I’ve never had a boyfriend from tinder, however I got so many decend and wow and amazing friends from there. We usualy talk about movies, music, art, and other stuff even travel together because mostly they can blend with my other friends so ya, that’s really cool I guess when we got new real friends from social media or dating apps.

And according to my experience there, I want to share to you, especially guys on tinder, what things you shoudl and shouldn't do on Tinder.

So many guys didn’t realize and didn’t understand how they should do there besides swiping and waiting for a match and talk. Guys, before thinking about swiping and chatting, you should probably thinking about your profile and stop terrified some girls. So let’s talk about what you shoud do with your tinder profile first:

  1. Effort
Are you on tinder looking for friend, girlfriend or just spying on your girlfriend? Don't hide yourself with using Spongebob or Patrick picture here. Use your own picture. You will never get a swipe. There’s no fun from just swiping but never get a swipe. Or you just wanna having fun and swiping left all the girls there? You’re so mean, dude.

  1. Fill your bio with your heart
There’s a huge blank box need your brain to think ‘who are you’ and spit it out there. Don’t left it blank or just ‘ordinary boy’ words. Never use those words please, because when you always think that you’re JUST ordinary boy, you will never had a chance to stand up. Fill the bio box as attractive as you and as true, but don’t: too show up, too sensitive, too sad, or too wild

  1. Upload more than just one picture
You can choose your three or five best picture in different angles and situations. Girls wanna see who you really are from your pictures.

  1. Stop the wefie in every picture
We usually got so confused when you use your wefie in every single picture. It’s like we don’t know which one are you in that pic. It’s okay if you want to post a pic with your friends but at least we know which one are you. Post your stand alone picture at least one never showed that you’re lonely, dude.

  1. Post a pic with a girl is a BIG NO
This is one of big mistakes a guy doing on tinder. Posting pic with a girl. Honesly, that’s not cool I guess because girls will never like it. You’re cool or hot but we don’t want to fall into a drama things. We don’t know who’s that girl or though we are wondering who is she, mostly we think about ‘she’s his gf’. So, better you take the picture off because for me the thing is: ‘If you had a gf why are you here? Is she knew that you’re here? lol so funny’

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