Being A Women Means Being Strong

Being a women means being strong. We have rights to speak up. We have rights to say NO to a situation we're not willing to do. Do not afraid to say that you're a feminist. People shouldn't afraid of word FEMINIST. Feminist is about equality. Feminist doesn't mean women hate men. How could I say that I hate men when some of my happiness comes from a man? (will come). Growing up in a family 'bit feminist taught me to know the situation. When My Mama had to woke up so early, cook and fed my sister and off to work, I had My Apa drove me to school before he off to work. When My Mama had to clean the house, I had my Apa do the laundry. It's so natural to see my parents team up for the family. I know that our culture put men in a very nice situation, above women, and more dominant. But it doesn't mean that we can't break it. It's about how women and men realize that there's imbalances and willing to change it.  Being a women means being strong. Sometimes women have to deal with awful situations that men don't. Since arrived in this world we know that women are complicated. It's a recognition of some of the weaknesses but also recognition of strengths of womanhood. Being a woman means being strong because that's what we need to survive. Being a women is to take responsibility of your life and for what you want from that life. You might be afraid of what people say but you will go beyond that fear. Do not let somebody else define you not even your past. Both women and men can be weak or strong. It's okay for a women to be so strong, and it's okay for a men to cry. It's human. You can be a men and feminist. You can be a wife and feminist. You can be a mom and feminist. You can be a muslim and feminist. Do not afraid ❤

Happy International Women's Day 

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